TK-Eval founded by Mr. Tommi Ålander and Mr. Keimo Sillanpää concentrates on providing research and development services including e.g. evaluation of regional development activity. We also provide services for organisations on their needs for information and analysis. Enterprise histories and other publications of high quality are our other great interests.

TK-Eval provides the following services:

  • Evaluations concentrated on:
    • Development programmes
    • Projects
    • Organisational questions
    • Theme Evaluations: impacts, efficiency, processes, best practices etc.
    • Self-evaluation process support
  • Research projects
  • Information Collection and Analysis
    • Questionnaires and Surveys
    • Barometers of opinion
  • All-in realization of Enterprise Histories and Publications

Below are listed some examples of our references:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment; Evaluation of the ‘Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014 - 2020 - Finland's structural funds programme'
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment; Support for change - Evaluation of the achievements and impact of EGF activities
  • Council of Oulu Region; Ex post evaluation of the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme.
  • Regional Council of Lapland; Evaluation of the Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme.
  • Regional Council of Southwest Finland; Ex-ante evaluation of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.
  • Ministry of Employment and the Economy. A study on the effectiveness and functionality of the operations model of change security.
  • Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Ex ante evaluation of the 2014-2020 Structural Fund programmes (ESF and ERDF) in Finland.
  • Regional Councils of South Karelia and Kymenlaakso. The Mid-term evaluation of South Karelian and Kymenlaakso Regions Regional strategic programmes 2011–2014.
  • Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The strategic evaluation of ESF Operational Programme in mainland Finland in 2011.
  • Regional Council of South Karelia. The Ex-post evaluation of South-East Finland – Russia INTERREG III A / Neighbourhood Programme 2000-2006.
  • Regional Council of Southwest Finland; Ex post evaluation of INTERREG IIIA Southern Finland – Estonia 2000-2006
  • Employment and Economic Development Centre for Satakunta; Evaluation of Satakunta Region ESF-projects 2000-2006.
  • Ministry of the Interior; Evaluation of Uusimaa Region Urban Development Programme
  • Ministry of the Interior; Updating Finnish objective 1 programme’s mid-term evaluations concerning the themes:
    • “Importance of objective 1 programme in rural development”
    • “Networking and strengthening of skills in Finnish objective 1 areas”
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Evaluation of Finnish LAGs´ Draft Programmes for Period 2007-2013 and evaluation of Regional Rural Development Programmes for Employment and Economic Development Centres
  • The Central Association of Women Entrepreneurs; Evaluation of Yrittäjien sijaispalvelujärjestelmä -project
  • Employment and Economic Development Centre for Southeast Finland (T&E-Centre); Evaluation of Future in Innovative Services -Article 6 -project.
  • University of Kuopio; Study on the effectively of education and R&D –activity.
  • Employment and Economic Development Centre for Pohjois-Savo; Feasibility study on the extension possibilities of Yritysharava –work method for national scope.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us on need for expertise and co-operation.

Best regards,

Special Researcher
Tommi Alander
gsm +358 50 5505 170